Human Tecar, is a premium medical device company with a, NEW and innovative therapy that will revolutionise how you treat your patients and dramatically improve patients’ recovery times. Human Tecar uses the latest technology in the form of patented long wave radio frequency in conjunction with dynamic manual therapy.

This combined therapy is known as Tecartherapy®. Its three main effects; Microcirculation, Vasodilatation, Increase in Temperature, allow for Thermal and Non Thermal treatments and to be used on both Acute and Chronic injuries.Tecartherapy® is widely used internationally by physiotherapists within elite sport clubs, sporting associations and private clinics. Visit:


Kinetic Control and Performance Stability deliver a comprehensive structure to enable you to assess, diagnose, classify and retrain uncontrolled movement in relation to pain, disability, recurrence of injury and performance.

Kinetic Control: designed for Physiotherapists dealing with pain and disability. We have three pathways to help you manage your patients with confidence and expertise and become a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist:

  • - The Movement Solution
  • - MSc Neuromusculoskeletal Health Care Studies at Keele University
  • - A Modular System

Performance Stability: delivers courses, training products, consultancy and on line movement screening packages to professionals working in the sports, health, rehabilitation and fitness industries to enable you to assess for uncontrolled movement and design & implement re-training strategies.

You will be able to use The Performance Matrix movement screening tools and Performance Stability retraining process to decrease the risk of client injury & re-injury and enhance performance.

Zamar Units were the brainchild of Mario Zanotti, founder of Zanotti refrigeration. The first prototypes of the Zamar units were designed for the treatment of show jumping horses for injuries that they sustained whilst competing, the results were so revolutionary that Mr Zanotti put the unit range into full production.

Several years later Zamar units are being used all over the world and can be found in some of the largest sports clubs, private hospitals and equine facilities. Zamar TTT sports/medical is the sole UK distributor and as a company is growing rapidly.

Should you wish to trial a Zamar Unit or be sent a brochure then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Health Education Seminars is a leading provider of high-quality, evidence based, Physiotherapy CPD courses and conferences. We only work with clinicians who are experts in their chosen field.

HES run by physiotherapists for physiotherapists.


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