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Q: What is my-cpd?

A: my-cpd is a brand-new, easy-to-use online tool that takes the pain out of continuing professional development (CPD) for physiotherapists. my-cpd produces an up-to-date and accurate record of your CPD activities for the practice summaries and CPD statements now required by the Health Professions Council (HPC), the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP), Physio First and other industry bodies. 

Q: What does my-cpd do?

A: Because busy physiotherapists can be unclear about what counts as CPD, we often fail or forget to log activities that qualify. Designed by physiotherapists for physiotherapists, my-cpd prompts you to log the actions you should get the full credit for in your CPD profile. my-cpd records physiotherapists' progress in a format that makes it easy to produce a CPD summary and statement. my-cpd also provides a resource centre with advice on how to produce your CDP summary and statement as well as how to benefit from the full range of activities that qualify as CPD. Plus, my-cpd provides you with a safe, secure online storage facility to keep all your relevant CPD certificates, course notes and reference materials such as journal articles.

Q: Who is my-cpd for?

A: my-cpd is for all physiotherapists in the UK whether they work in the NHS or private practice. my-cpd can be used by any kind of physiotherapist from managers through to front-line clinicians and students.

Q: Why is my-cpd an online service?

A: Delivering my-cpd over the web makes it simple-to-use and easy-to-access. my-cpd keeps users' CPD details in a central, secure location. my-cpd records cannot be accidently deleted, misplaced, discarded or otherwise lost. All you need to access my-cpd is a browser like Microsoft Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. If you can book a flight or order a book online, you are ready to use my-cpd.

Q: Why do I need my-cpd now?

A: Physiotherapists will be subject to HPC audit starting in February, 2010. If selected, they will have to submit a CPD profile with a  summary of practice for the last two years, a statement of how they meet CPD standards and supporting evidence. The HPC has required its registrants to undertake CPD since July 2006 and to keep a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of their CPD activities. my-cpd covers this requirement and helps physiotherapists demonstrate that their CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice.

Q: Who created my-cpd?

A: my-cpd is the brainchild of physiotherapist Julia Trevor (BSc, MCSP) who runs a busy private practice in Stockport, Cheshire and was formerly a physio at Sale Sharks Rugby Football Club and Manchester Storm Ice Hockey Team.

Q: How much does my-cpd cost?

A: my-cpd costs £60 per annum or £5 per month. my-cpd is FREE to physiotherapy students. my-cpd is tax deductable.

Q: Can I purchase multiple my-cpd accounts for my organisation?

A: Yes. my-cpd is currently in negotiations with a number of physiotherapy organisations to block-book my-cpd accounts for their employees/members for discounted subscription fees. Please email Julia Trevor at for further details or phone her on 07976 560855.

Q: Why is there a subscription fee for my-cpd?

A: my-cpd is a start-up service that is independent of any industry body. my-cpd offers a strictly confidential commercial service for professionals and does not seek any advertising support or third-party marketing funds. Basic human nature also has its part to play. We think that physiotherapists will use, cherish and keep returning to my-cpd more often if it is an initiative that they have actively bought into. A true CPD log that gives physiotherapists full credit for every activity is an important record. This way, we believe physiotherapists will have more of an active commitment to continued use of my-cpd. Experience tells us that interest can tail off in any neglected free service, especially if it is in any way frustrating.

Q: How can I pay for my-cpd?

A: You can purchase a full-year subscription to my-cpd by credit/debit card via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay with your credit/debit card. If you do have a PayPal account, you can pay with that too. Either way, it’s easy!

You can also purchase an annual subscription @ £60. Both monthly and annual payments can also be made by standing order. Or you can inform your bank via phone or online that you would like to make either a one-off payment of £60 or £5 per month for 12 months to my-cpd.

To choose a payment method, please register.

Q: How secure is my-cpd?

A: All my-cpd data is strictly confidential. We will not share your information with any third-party whatsoever. Your my-cpd account and the data it contains belongs to you and you alone.

Q: Is my my-cpd data safe?

A: Yes. my-cpd is provided from state-of-the art data hosting facilities. The service is continuously backed up for uninterrupted service and to prevent any loss of our member's data.

Q: Can I keep my own my-cpd file on my own computer(s)?

A: Yes. my-cpd's personal backup wizard will help you keep a folder containing your account files on your own system(s) whenever you require.

Q: What do I do with all my CPD-related training certificates, course notes and other references and reading materials?

A: You can upload all your relevant certificates and other documents to my-cpd for immediate, secure reference. Having the facility to store research and articles and store them in categories in itself enhances your learning as you can refer back to them as often as you need.

Q: Can I access my-cpd on my mobile phone?

A: We are currently working on a my-cpd interface for hand-held devices. my-cpd's mobile interface should be available to members soon after our January 2010 launch.

Q: Who do I contact if I am experiencing difficulties using my-cpd?

A: You can email our support team at any time or ring our help-desk from 10am until 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Q: What if I forget my my-cpd password and/or other log in details?

A: Simply fill in the web form provided and we will email you back. If you are still experiencing problems you can contact our technical support team at

Q: Why can't my-cpd produce my summary of practice and CPD statement?

A: Even my-cpd's programmers are not that clever! Even if they were, the HPC has proposed an amendment to its rules that says that written profiles must be registrants own work. The HPC has apparently identified a very small number of registrants who have asked third-parties to write their CPD profiles on their behalf. The HPC believes that this is not in the spirit of the CPD standards.

Q: How will I remember to keep using my-cpd?

A: A regular email prompt service will remind my-cpd members to stay up-to-date and highlight perhaps less obvious activities that they can think about such as reading, reflection and so on.

Q: How can I sign up for my-cpd now?

A: You can sign up to the service and get started straight away! Just click on the register tab and fill in your details and away you go.

Q: What happens if I cancel my account?

A: To cancel your my-cpd account please inform us by using the service's account management page. Remember, your my-cpd account and the data it contains belongs to you alone. Upon receipt of your request, you will have 60 days to make sure that you have downloaded/copied all your my-cpd data to your own system(s) before your account is suspended.

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